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PRTR-related activities held among stakeholder groups (NGOs etc), localities or sectors as preliminary to national-scale PRTR projects; also capacity-building activities in related chemical, waste or information management initiatives (e.g., SAICM)
Identification of the main goals and key issues for national PRTR development
In-depth study of capacity needs
Detailed design of technical, legal and institutional approaches
Pilot in a specific region of the country or specific sector to test the proposed PRTR system and the mechanisms contemplated for reporting from key polluting facilities. Should include efforts to raise public awareness
Development of a full proposal, including any necessary legal instruments. Should include detailed review of capacity-building needs, as well as specific plans for raising public awareness
The workshop, with broad participation (including at political level), will review the PRTR proposal and launch a final proposal for a national PRTR
Activities undertaken to implement a national PRTR system
Activities undertaken on subregional, region-wide or international level in support of implementation of PRTRs and/or the UNECE Protocol on PRTRs
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Definition of SAICM activities are taken from
Table B. "List of possible work areas and their associated activities, actors, targets/timeframes, indicators of progress and implementation aspects"
Global Plan of Action, Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management: SAICM texts and resolution of the International Conference on Chemicals Management (United Nations Environment Programme, 2006, p. 37 ff).

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